Platform Games

  • Run 2
    Run 2
    Played 7910 times

    It’s all about movement in this fast-paced endless runner…are you gonna choose shoes or skates?

  • Red Ball 4: Volume 2
    Red Ball 4: Volume 2
    Played 1474 times

    Help our well-rounded hero stop the evil squares from turning the entire world into Squaresville...

  • Run
    Played 5904 times

    Do the moonwalk, ehrm, space walk!

  • Orion Sandbox Enhanced
    Orion Sandbox Enhanced
    Played 4103 times

    Survive the Orion Sandbox. Gather materials and pick up all the resources you can find. Stay alert for zombies that attack you as soon as darkness comes!

  • Give Up 2
    Give Up 2
    Played 4801 times

    You’ll never make it out of this dangerous complex alive. You should probably just give up right now.

  • Draw Play 2
    Draw Play 2
    Played 5264 times

    Create your own personalized platform worlds!

  • Paws
    Played 2295 times

    If your bark is worse than your bite, you better stay away from these woods...

  • Pixel Quest
    Pixel Quest
    Played 1992 times
  • Red Ball
    Red Ball
    Played 2138 times

    Follow the bouncing ball as he rolls all the way home.

  • Haunt the House
    Haunt the House
    Played 4066 times

    You’ll need all of your best scares to win back your home from this group of meddlesome mortals.

  • Raze 3
    Raze 3
    Played 6201 times

    Lock and load! Arm youself with weapons—it’s time to take on aliens, robots and more!

  • Red Ball 4
    Red Ball 4
    Played 2682 times

    These nasty squares want to make the world four-sided. Only a true circle can bounce back!

  • Slime Laboratory
    Slime Laboratory
    Played 1110 times

    This bodacious blob is trying to escape from the lab. Could you point him in the right direction?

  • Fireboy & Watergirl 4: Crystal Temple
    Fireboy & Watergirl 4: Crystal Temple
    Played 43852 times

    This duo bested the trials of three other ancient temples. Now they face the most mysterious one yet!

  • Strikeforce Kitty 2
    Strikeforce Kitty 2
    Played 1908 times

    Those awful foxes are attacking Kitty Castle! Jump in the sub and get ready to strike back!

  • Dunkers
    Played 4814 times

    Can you wow the crowd with some awesome dunking skills in this action-packed basketball game? Try spins, backward jumps and other crazy moves as you become a legend on the court.

  • Treasureseas
    Played 3023 times

    How valuable would a treasure really be if there weren’t danger attached?

  • Rogue Soul 2
    Rogue Soul 2
    Played 3865 times

    Prepare to run, jump, slide, dodge and fight your way through each level in this fast-paced adventure. Are you fast enough to beat the entire game?

  • Springtrap's Rampage
    Springtrap's Rampage
    Played 5275 times

    Springtrap, the miserable robot, is furious! Tired of being trapped in the game store he is hellbent on destruction. How far can Springtrap go and can he defeat his enemies with the right weapons and free Phantom Freddy and friends? May the Faz be with you!

  • Fireboy and Watergirl: The Forest Temple
    Fireboy and Watergirl: The Forest Temple
    Played 51174 times

    Fire and water prove opposites attract when they team up to explore the ancient Forest Temple...

  • Orion Sandbox
    Orion Sandbox
    Played 2832 times

    This brave explorer is investigating a whole new land. Can you help him learn more about the place and maybe even tame it a little in this challenging adventure game?

  • Plazma Burst
    Plazma Burst
    Played 3044 times

    The future depends on you changing the past….

  • Jinx & Minx: Tower Escape
    Jinx & Minx: Tower Escape
    Played 2364 times

    Undead bunnies Jinx and Minx are stuck in a spooky tower--help them escape their prisons!

  • Bob The Robber 4
    Bob The Robber 4
    Played 2444 times

    Bob the Robber is up to his old tricks again but this time he’s hitting the road! Join him for a series of jobs in Paris. How much will he manage to swipe in this stealth adventure game?

  • Expert Wrassling
    Expert Wrassling
    Played 5191 times

    Get ready to be king of the ring in this fun 2 player pixelated wrestling game now! Can you pack an expert punch at your opponents with those rotating arms?

  • Zone of Destruction
    Zone of Destruction
    Played 2472 times

    This poor guy’s girlfriend just tossed out his computer. Help him get it back...

  • Face Chase
    Face Chase
    Played 1863 times

    Only you can help the little block escape from his big, red bully.

  • Zball
    Played 3828 times

    Stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can! Just tap the screen to change the direction of the ball. Try not to fall off the edges! How far can you go?

  • Mayor Helicopter Madness
    Mayor Helicopter Madness
    Played 1989 times

    Your blockhead mayor is good at making need to be good at picking up the pieces!

  • Torturomatic ITM 2
    Torturomatic ITM 2
    Played 4872 times

    These criminals deserve the worst kind of punishment and it’s up to you to do exactly that! Send these nasty people through traps that will tear them apart in ITM 2!

  • Strike Force Heroes 2
    Strike Force Heroes 2
    Played 4787 times

    Be the first line of defense, and the last thing the bad guys will ever see.

  • Home Sheep Home
    Home Sheep Home
    Played 2231 times

    Whether large or small, each sheep can pull some weight for all!

  • Super Smash Flash 2 Beta
    Super Smash Flash 2 Beta
    Played 7988 times

    Super Smash Flash is back! You do remember us, right? Prepare for fight and battle with 28 character to choose from The most popular in this action games!… Super Smash Flash 2 Beta!

  • Achilles 2: Origins of a Legend
    Achilles 2: Origins of a Legend
    Played 1928 times

    Join the legendary Greek warrior as he steps out onto the battlefield and crushes his opponents.

  • Frizzle Fraz
    Frizzle Fraz
    Played 2959 times

    Bouncy, swimmy, friendly Big Frizzle to the rescue!

  • Robot Unicorn Attack
    Robot Unicorn Attack
    Played 3793 times

    Go on an enchanted battle adventure with this magical unicorn robot in this free and fun online game now.